Welcome to Innovative Data System (IDS)

Our data center is an ideal choice for any business that needs to deploy their network and servers in Singapore, one of the major IP hub in Asia. We offer a high level of expertise with network and server, major operating systems, business applications and other managed services.

We offers the following services

- Data Center
- Software/Web Consultancy
- Infra Structure
- Hardware/Servers

Data Center

- Data Center Consulting and Planning
- Storage Management (Disk, Library and Tap Cartridges)
- Backup Solution
- Database On Demand
- SAP Services Consultancy
- Monitoring Services

Software/Web Consultancy

- Customize In-house Application
- Web Design and Development
- Hosting & Maintain Web Pages


- Server & Storage Solution
- Hardware Installation Services
- Windows, Unix servers

Data Center

- LAN Implementation
- Setup and Consultancy
- PC, Printers and etc IT equipments (HP, IBM, Dell and Apple)
- Outsourcing Services

Customers Reference

- Food Industry Web Hosting
- Supply Backup Equipments to MNC
- Partners with Local Vendors